Our mission is to serve our customers with honesty, integrity and competence. Our goal is to provide home loans to our clients while providing them with the lowest interest rates and closing costs possible. Furthermore, we pledge to help borrowers overcome roadblocks that can arise while securing a loan.

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Sandra Grimes, Owner and Loan Officer

If you do something you love, you will never work a day in your life!

Over the years I have had the honor of assisting thousands of families finance their new homes!
Each family is unique and has touched my life in their own special way. I have been blessed to
work with some of the most amazing and wonderful families!

When I look back to the start of my life I could never have dreamed my world today. I have a
wonderful husband, amazing family, friends and I’m blessed to be able to do something that I
love and am so passionate about.

At the age of 6 I was orphaned, went into foster care for about a year and a half until my Aunt &
Uncle adopted and raised me as one of their own. Their family of 7 became a family of 8. My
life’s trajectory was forever changed because of their love and support.
I am the wife of 31 years to My Marine, the mother to 4 grown children, mother-in-law to two
beautiful young women and one son-in-law and the grandmother to 4 of the most adorable and
precious grandsons ever made!

After 11 years as an LO with another company I decided to open America’s Choice Mortgage
and so May 1, 2014 our story began. We are family owned and operated! My 2 daughters-in-
law Amanda and Samantha both work for the company, April is my right-hand and Samantha’s
sister Madi is our newest processor. Zach, my son is stepping out of the role of a processor
and diving into loan origination and learning the management of the company.

Our company mission is simple, to ensure that our clients feel their value and that we provide
the best program and services to fit their specific needs. We strive to go above and beyond in
making the process of buying a home as stress free and positive as possible.

As the wife of a Marine I have a special place in my heart for those who serve, both here and

We serve our community with our hearts because of our long family history of service through
the Military, Police, Firemen, Teachers and Nurses.

We welcome the opportunity to be of service to your family!

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Zachary Grimes, Loan Officer

  My whole life leading up to getting in this business was spent trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I had dozens and dozens of dreams and aspirations but could never nail one down to pursue, the one common thread in each of these fields was helping people, I have always wanted to help people and make people happy.

In September of 2014 Sandy (my Mother) offered me a job with America’s Choice Mortgage. At the time I was in construction working for my now Father-In-Law and decided I should give this a shot. In the movies when the kid goes to work for the family business he is basically handed the keys to the castle and is spoiled by the success of the people who built it. Not me and not with my Mom’s company. My “job offer” felt like a tryout, I started with the very basics and with my older sister as my trainer (you can only imagine….). I was filing documents and making sure loan packages were in order, it was months before I was even allowed to answer a phone. I really did start at the bottom and work my way up, learning as I went along, but hat was the purpose of starting me that way.  She didn’t bring me in and get me licensed up day one because most people don’t get to do that. I went through the levels of this business, honing my skills and strengthening my work ethic just like I would have at any of the big banks. After I learned the basics I began to process which I started doing in early 2015 and I continue to do it to this day, but now I am also a licensed MLO. I was involved in every step of the files I worked from the time I began processing so I do have years under my belt and a strong understanding of what goes into getting someone a mortgage.

I came into this field not knowing much at all about what it entailed, but in the years I have been doing this I have learned a wealth of knowledge and developed a great passion for what I do. After 20 years of planning, I dove head first into the mortgage business and found out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I love what I do, and I take an immense amount of pride in the fact that I get to help people. The steps to homeownership are long and sometimes very stressful but I make sure each of my clients, whether I am the processor or originator, knows that I am there every step of the way and I will always have their best interest in mind. We are a family owned and operated company, so we don’t have that big business feel. We treat our clients with a different level of respect and care.  We get on the phone well after banker’s hours to make sure things are getting done or that questions have been answered because we must work hard for what we get.

I am married to my amazing, smart, and loving wife Amanda. We are in the process of building a new home while living in our current home ran by Amanda, our 2 beautiful boys and our three dogs. I am coming up on 29 which means I am still a young man but I promise at heart I am 85 years old, ask anyone around me. My happiest times are at home with Amanda and our boys just taking it easy, or out on the water (salt, fresh, chlorinated, doesn’t matter). I like a laid-back lifestyle in my downtime but on the clock I am a totally different person. Things need to be moving and I have to stay busy. If I have a slow day I don’t know what to do with myself. That is how I was raised, I come from a family that works hard and plays harder. You give it all you have when you’re on the clock and then you enjoy your well-deserved time off and this business give me the ability to do both.

That’s just a little about me and our company, I hope that if you ever need us you won’t hesitate to give us a call. We are honored and blessed to be able to serve the people of Virginia on their path to homeownership.

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Madison & Samantha, Loan Processors

Madison and Samantha get the job done!  Not only are they a team in the office as our loan processors, they are also sisters and best friends outside of the office. Their teamwork is like no other!

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Samantha Grimes, Loan Processor

Samantha was born and raised in Stafford, VA. She began her career in the mortgage industry in 2019 as a loan processor with America’s Choice Mortgage. Samantha’s main goal is to help guide her clients through the home buying process with care, efficiency, and attention to detail. In addition to helping her clients navigate the mortgage process, she is also continuing to learn the mortgage process to help educate her clients on the mortgage industry.

Samantha comes from a tight-knit family with 2 sister’s and a brother. She is happily married to Noah Grimes and they have an adorable baby boy. Outside of the office she enjoys motherhood to the fullest,  going to the beach, and spending time with her family and animals. 

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Madison Mockler, Loan Officer & Processor

Hello, my name is Madison Mockler, and I am the newest addition to the team here at America's Choice Mortgage. I was born and raised in Stafford Virginia, where I attended a local high school, Brooke Point. Since graduating high school I have been furthering my education through Southern New Hampshire University, where I will be receiving a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with concentration in Organizational Leadership in June of 2022.

I am more than thrilled to join this amazing team and grow a love for all that the mortgage world has to offer. My personal goal is to always provide the best experience to all clients by being attentive, supportive and reliable, that is to ensure I do my best in making the process a breeze. Over the years I have realized I love nothing more than pleasing people, I believe the job is not complete till happiness is achieved.

 Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. As stated in Samantha, my sister’s bio we come from a tight-knit family, growing up we all gained a love for the outdoors, and traveling of course. Two of my favorite things to do is going hiking with my Australian shepherd Paisley, and spoiling my niece Kiley, and nephews Cullen and Colton

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April Portell, Office Admin & Personal Assistant

April grew up in a military family, married her high school sweetheart at 18, married now for 25 years, and was a stay at home mom to their children for 20+ years. She was with a real estate team for a year and a half, learning the ins and outs of real estate, including a bit about the home buying process. She joined our team in October of 2020 and continues to help the company wherever and whenever she is needed. 

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Amanda Grimes, Social Media Community Manager

It has been an honor being a part of America's Choice Mortgage Company since the beginning. Since stepping down to start a family and be a stay-at-home-mom my role has definitely changed.  I love to help out in any way I am needed. You can usually find me managing our social media pages, working on marketing/materials and helping plan our events. 

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